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We are running a series of remote usability tests until January and we would really appreciate if you’d have a run at them.

The idea is that in the holiday period some of us are going home or we have friends over that never heard of XWiki. It’s really important than we improve the first time experiences with the product, since some of us are long term contributors or advanced users and it’s harder for us to put ourselves in beginners shoes.

So if you want and have a ‘test subject’ :slight_smile: that you would like to see how they struggle with XWiki, you can use this usability scenario and record your findings:

The plan is to go over in January at the data gathered over the holidays and draw some conclusions, create some issues, make some proposals, etc.

Please be as explicit as you can in the ‘Evaluator Notes’ part. You can provide struggles, ideas, solutions about the user’s experience with the task.

Also, let me know what you think about the scenario and if I should create one for more advanced users or if some of you are interested in participating to such usability sessions remotely.

Here are the scenario’s steps:
T1. Log-in
T2. Change logo
T3. Create user
T4. Create page
T5. Advanced editing
T6. Page relations
T7. Adding attachments
T8. Creating navigation
T9. Adding rights
T10. Installing extension

Here is a sample task:

Scenario Duration: 1:00 - 1:30 hours
Version: 10.10+ ideally

I will collect the results on this page:

Thanks for reading and let’s see what insight we gather from this process. Thank you for your help!

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Cool Caty.

Some questions:

  • Is the version of XWiki recorded somewhere?
  • Shouldn’t we mandate a version of XWiki, at least a minimal one since it would be useless to test on old versions of XWiki?
  • XWiki SAS’s cloud is on XWiki 10.5 apparently (see Is that ok or too old? (we improved quite a few things since then).


The version of XWiki is a mandatory field asked in the second step of the form.
I will do my tests on latest local instances, so mostly 10.10+. I’ve added the Try XWiki link since it might be easier to set up. So ideally we should test on latest version, but any version from 10.x cycle is fine IMO. Since we are recording the version, I will able to filter and group sessions accordingly. I prefer people do the tests on a version that is convenient to them, than not do the tests at all because of a version restriction.

Yes, we improved the navigation and editing in recent versions, but some tasks (rights, extensions) also apply to older versions.

We ran the Scenario#6 during Dec-Jan 2019. We had 3 on-site interviewees, no remote form volunteer.

You can read the status and analysis (with corresponding issues reported and improvements notes) at


Thanks to all participants!