Use to clean flickering tests

Hello everyone,

I opened few years ago a proposal for cleaning our jira tickets related to flickering tests: this proposal led to the creation of a custom field in Jira “Date of last seen flicker” that we update regularly to try tracking when a flicker stops to flicker.

But we never actually used that field to close flickers, and it’s work to do to ensure regularly to update this field date. On the other hand we’ve put in place few months ago the scan of our builds with gradle enterprise and we have nice results in including history of tests.

So the proposal here is to:

  1. Drop the custom field on Jira “Date of last seen flicker”
  2. Rely on the history of tests available on to close tickets related to flickering test. The idea being to close a test if it’s not been failing for 90 days. For now, this proposal is not about having a regular process for performing the clean, but just to agree that anyone can close a flicker ticket if he sees that it’s not failing anymore there.




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So following this proposal I removed the field in Jira, and removed the mention to it in the release plan template, and AFAICS @mleduc already started to close some flickers based on

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