Use Refactoring Module with API REST

Hello everyone,

I hope this topic is not too similar with this one but it seems that there is not really answer in it. I’ll delete it in that case.

I saw that we can call jobs by REST API with a XML file in the HTTP request’s input. I would like to use the jobs of Refactoring Module but it is not really clear how we can get XML template for each job.

According to REST documentation :

There is JAXB objects provided for the Java side to help generate proper HTTP request but for pure HTTP use case it usually helps to ask for the status of an existing job to have an hint of how the XML/JSON should look like (see jobstatus section).

However, I don’t know how to create a refactoring job and get its ID to ask to ‘jobstatus’ endpoint its status.

If anyone performed job request with REST API, I’m curious to know the solution.
Thank you.