User/Group Level access to document uploaded in File Manager Application

I am new to XWiki, I want to upload document to XWiki for which I am using File Manager Application. But In this extension I don’t find any option to restrict a particular uploaded document to a particular group. How can I acheive this. Is their any other extension available to do so.

Thanks in Advance

Create new category wise folders in the file manager and try applying the access rights to those folders(pages) individually from administer page tab . I guess it should work. I haven’t tried putting category wise access in file manager application, you can do it and notify here.

PS: Try putting access rights from the administer tab for individual page dedicated for each of the file you uploaded. It should work too.

Thanks Nickhil it works…:slight_smile:

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See Loading... . The File Manager application was written before we added support for nested pages. All folders and files are stored in the same “space”. You can set individual access rights on the folder pages but those rights are not inherited by their sub-folders or files.

Yeah correct @mflorea I am still facing the issue with with the inherited files or the files placed under access controlled folder.