User Mention Feature and Keyboard Focus

I’m playing with the user mention feature now available in Xwiki LTS.

However a somewhat annoying behaviour is that mentioning a user loses keyboard focus in my case - i.e. if you enter @username, Xwiki will transparently insert the mention macro, but you cannot continue to type afterwards - you have to reposition the text cursor in the WYSIWYG editor using the mouse, which interrupts typing flow.

Did I miss some special key combination I have to use here, or made another mistake? Still, it does not seem to be obvious what to do to continue typing without having to resort to the mouse, so maybe usability can be improved here?

I’ve just checked jira and found Loading...

Ok, sorry, should have searched Jira before posting. :frowning:
Thanks for the pointer, I added myself to the issue’s watchlist.