User profil not displayed correctly : a link appear

We have done a migration from 9.10.1 to 13.10.6
Since we have some issues regarding the display of the user profil :
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 11-36-26 Profil de Camille Desmots - XWiki

The html code concerned by this bug :

<div class="editProfileCategory">
<a href="" title="Modifier le profil"><span class="wikiexternallink"></span></a><a class="wikimodel-freestanding" href="https://mywebsite/bin/edit/XWiki/cdesmots-ext?editor=inline&amp;amp;category=profile"><span class="wikigeneratedlinkcontent">https://mywebsite/bin/edit/XWiki/cdesmots-ext?editor=inline&amp;amp;category=profile</span></a>"&gt;
<span class="sr-only">Modifier le profil</span>


During the migration we have always choosen to keep the new version in case of conflict.

Thanks by advance for any help.

There is a bug (with @surli as assignee) with a similar looking screenshot: Loading...

Yes I started to investigate it, but never found time for properly fixing it. Removing myself from assignee for now. @CamilleDesmots do you have double underscore in the username? I believe that if you experienced it only now it might be another problem as XWIKI-19670 was not a regression.

We’re actually seeing something that looks very similar; no underscores in the usernames:


Just like @CamilleDesmots reports, we’re also seeing the edit text being the raw URL:;category=profile" class=“btn btn-xs”>

I’m not sure if it’s related, but we were seeing a similar problem with the “like” button on pages; swapping to a different icon theme (Font Awesome) from the default appears to have fixed that problem.

This is a new installation using Docker on v14.10.3