User request for registration

Dear community, I would like to ask you if there isn’t some possiblity to allow users to write a request for in xWIKI system. For example in some form of list of requested people and their messages.
Thank you for your answers.

Hi, it’s not very clear what your use case is.

Do you mean a messaging system inside xwiki?

Like maybe?

I thought a function, where unregistered users will send request kind of registration with some motivation cover letter to become part of wiki service. The administrator will see those requests, like unaccepted - requested registrations with extra cover letter to describe importance of being part of the wiki.
I understand there is a possibility to make it somehow custom or with API, but I am mainly asking for some dedicated function or extension.

Thank you,

Sounds like something the Invitation Application should do but I don’t think it supports requesting access from unregistered users. It has something similar I think but only for registered users to request to join an existing subwiki.

according to the description it provides function to invite people to your wiki, those people can accept or decline this invitaion.
I will need a workflow that non registered person writes cover letter and registration information, recruiter will consider and evaluates and make decision about an applicant and if the applicant will be accepted, there could be sent invivation through Invitation App or there could be done registration by the information provided.
Or alternatively there could be done some user role and permission assign to provide workflow mentioned above. I really don’t know.

Thank you