Users unable to search

Hi all, so my users recently ran into an error when trying to use the search option, it states that they dont have permission Yet i dont think i have ever changed the search permissions on the site. Any idea what i might be doing wrong, here is the error it gives me:

Failed to execute the [include] macro. Cause: [Current user [xwiki:XWiki.gn1185] doesn't have view rights on document [xwiki:XWiki.SearchCode]]. Click on this message for details.

If more details are required, i will be more than happy to provide them.

I would check the permissions you have on your wiki to make sure all your users have view permissions for that page. Since the error says that, it must be right :wink:

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Right!!! :sweat_smile: Turns out i had done that before but the user was in a different user group. Thanks as always :slight_smile: