Using artifactory as extension repository

I’m trying to install extension on offline instalation of xwiki (version 10.11.8).
I’ve added artifactory repository do under extension.repositories, but when I look at " Global Administration: Extensions" in Global Administration I receive empty list, even when I choose “All extensions”. How can I install plugins/extensions on xwiki not connected to Internet?

Are you talking about or do you mean you just added a Maven repository to which happen to be an Artifactory server behind the scene ?

Right now XWiki does not support search in Maven repositories but you can install a specific id/version extension using “Advanced search”. In the case of a Maven artifact that extension id is usually groupid:artifactid.

I meant latter, we using maven repository on artifactory server.
I wasn’t able to get a list of extensions.
After reading your answer I tried “Advanced search” with groupid:artifactid - had to add version to get the result.