Using Encryption Application insite App Within Minutes Field

Hello @all,

is that possible to use the Encryption Application Macro insight a App Within Minutes Field to crypt special Fields?

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Hello @all,
any help abot that?

many thanks

App Within Minutes is just a helper to generate a simple type of application, but once it’s generated, you can customize it any way you like (and for example modify the form to use the encrypt macro for one of the fields). The only thing to have in mind is that depending on the kind of customization you make, you might lose them if you go through the App Within Minutes standard wizard again (since it’s going to regenerate the form).

Many thanks tmortagne,
could you pls explain how I can do that?
In a document it was possible but in an app within minute I have tried that in the WYSMYG / Quellcode but don’t mow how to insert:

{{encryptionMacro name=“nameOfYourField”/ }}

Thanks for helping
greetings TBC

Hello @all,

May I ask for a little more support here.
Many thanks in advance.

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