Versioning of docker-image

Last week we experienced some issues. When we were trying to recreate the production environment on a local development machine we experienced some issues with versioning.

On our production server we had a 12.2 docker image pulled with the tag 12.2

How ever when we pull the 12.2 docker image now. We get 12.2.1 and the one pulled on the production is no longer available. Hence, we cannot reproduce the production environment anymore.

When looking through the commits we see that some docker tags get updated with every new release.

lts r12 and in this case r12.2

Is it possible in new releases that a 12.X.(.0) version of the docker image is also available and not only the 12.X with the latest 12.X.X version?

So for instance if there is a 12.4 release also have a 12.4.0 release. Is there is a 12.4.1 and 12.4 gets updated I am still able to pull the 12.4.0 from docker.

Thank you

I’m sure it’s still there but you’ll need to find the sha256 probably.

That’s a very good point. We need to do that indeed. I’ve added it to our docker release practices at