Video macro issues

Hi, I am trying to use the video macro to embed a video on my internal wiki, I am using this extensio ( version 1.14) the last update is from 2022 so I’m not sure is the right one.
The error I’m getting seems to be related to youtube not wanting the cookies confirmation page to be played inside an iframe

Is there any recommended extension over these one?

Hello, I’ve tested v1.14.1 of the video macro with a youtube URL and it worked fine both on Chrome and Firefox for me.

It might be related to your version of Firefox or some settings you have set for it.

This is the best macro for displaying videos that I know of.

It may be related to some policy Website will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it | Mozilla Support or smth else, I’ll suggest checking Firefox troubleshooting page

thanks @nikpetrenko but if the issue comes from youtube there’s not much I can do to fix it, at the end I used the iframe macro and this works as expected
I really don’t know what might be the cause but if in a future I find more information I’ll write it here.