Video tutorials for XWiki on Windows

For anyone interested, here are links to a a set of video tutorials I created for admins that need to run XWiki on a Windows machine and how to integrate XWiki in an Active Directory (AD) environment:

  1. – Install the database server

  2. – Install JRE, Tomcat, and XWiki WAR package

  3. – Obtain and install an AD domain certificate from a Windows CA (certification authority) for Tomcat

  4. – Configure Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for XWiki to leverage single sign-on using AD domain users and groups

Hopefully these videos are useful/helpful.

[Aside: If you are a Windows admin, please go vote for this issue in JIRA - Loading... - it would be nice if we didn’t have to “hard-code” the LDAP auth account password in the xwki.cfg file. Thanks!]


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