Vietnamese language in XWIKI

Currently I’m installing XWIKI internally for our enterprise.
When changing the language to Vietnamese, only about 50% of the words are translated, the rest is in English.
So is there a way to translate all the remaining English words into Vietnamese?
What we need is a language file of XWIKI or something installable that can change the language.

xwiki.lang.hello=Xin chào

following the documents below is too complicated for us:
Looking forward to your response, thanks a lot.

The best to contribute translations for a specific language in XWiki is to do it through You will find in there everything that can be translated, and all contributions will end up in the next released version (so 13.10.4 and 14.2 or 14.1 if you are fast enough, but given that it’s planned to be released today it’s going to be hard).

XWiki translation resource are spread across a lot of extensions which are put together to build the XWiki Standard flavor, so you won’t find anything as simple as a single language file to translate.

Translating on is very easy. It won’t automatically generate a translation file to put in your own instance, but you can still use it as a way to know what key=value to put in the translation page as described in Localization Module (

I can confirm (Weblate is a tool I have recommended to xwiki community some years ago :yum:).

For your language, you can continue translation here:
Vietnamese @ Weblate (current progression is around 60%)

Thanks, it’s really nice to contribute to the community, but waiting for the next release keeps us from being proactive.
Please guide us to use the Localization Module to be able to change the language of the entire page (the article is too sketchy, we don’t know how to use it) then I will share this properties file with the community.