Want to know about permission setup for group and user

group permission
user permission
these are group and user permission , if I kept view permission for unregistered user as blank New user is not able to see registration page when he click for registration it is showing
error page
and if I give view permission then unregistered user can see entire xwiki content then there is no security
how can I give permissions so that unregistered user can register and login but can’t view wiki pages without login

It’s better than you research a bit what open source means and understand that it’s not free. Someone is paying for the development and support, it’s just not you ATM. Maybe also ask yourself what you’ve contributed to in XWiki to help the project and others (see Contributing - XWiki).

Now I’ve just realized that you posted your question 6 hours ago and then asking again 21 mn ago with a not nice message. So in view of this, yes you should definitely stop using XWiki! That would help the XWiki community spend their time replying to grateful users.


PS: you can also help yourself and google to find the documentation about your question.
PPS: If you want guaranteed response times, you should contact a business company offering professional support. See Support (XWiki.org)