Watch List Email Template Improper

I’m using XWiki 9.8.1. I have gone through this watchlist application extension.

In that email Template looks like,

After installing the extension, i made to watch an page. But the email i received is like,

Can someone please let me know, whether am missing something?

Do anyone has the answer for it?

Is that the email template can be customized?

I think you’re mixing 2 things:

  • Watchlist application
  • Notifications application

Both have customizable emails (you can google to check their docs).

Note that the Notifications app is still experimental and not ready for prime time. It’s for testing ATM.



I completely agree with your point, Both Application are different,

But in a case like this,

Notify a user via email who watches the page

Watchlist Application alone is not enough, Both Watchlist & Notification application were required.

So I have configured like below,

Since WatchList depends on Notification Application,

I tried to use WatchList Application alone, but i didn’t get any mail notifications.

Note WatchList has mail support

ok let me repeat: the screenshot you’re showing are NOT the Watchlist app. You’re using the notifications app so it’s normal that the mail you get is not using the watchlist template mail format!

So just use the Watchlist app and NOT the notifications one and it’ll work fine :slight_smile:


I have no idea but it shouldn’t be the case, that looks like a mistake (@gdelhumeau ?) Anyway they’re 2 separate apps. And both can notify users by email.

Check your watchlist entries in your user profile and make sure you have configured the schedule.

More generally you just need to follow the watchlist documentation:

Hope it helps


Thank you so much :slight_smile: It works.

But i notice some issue related to watchlist email template,

  1. Create blank page with
    Title - First Email Post
    Body - Test Post
  2. Edit page body. (Test Post => Test 2)
  3. Added a comment.
  4. Move the page from one space to another space.
  5. But the mail received looks like this,


Indeed, that’s a problem.

Previously, the Notification Application was only a “bell” where the watchlist was able to add its toggles (via UI extensions). Now it’s the whole Notification Application with all its features, so it is heavier.

With @vmassol, we have already decided to create an “Alert” application just for the bell icon, but it’s not done yet.

Issue created: Loading...

Good catch!