Watchlist E-Mail wrong hostname (localhost instead

Hi Thomas @tmortagne,

i am facing the same problem as matmassa described in Wrong URL (localhost) in watchlist email

The watchlist E-Mails contains “localhost” instead of “”:


Unfortunately i don’t understand the solution mentioned by @matmassa in his topic.

I’ve also checked but couldn’t find a solution.

It’s right, i’ve first installed and configured XWiki with “localhost” as the external domain wasn’t available at this moment.

How could i solve this problem with matmassas suggestion?

  • "I solved resending a call using the right domain url and RESTARTING the wiki (if I did’n restart it did’t change)."

Does anyone has a solution or hint?

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Found a solution here:

  • Open "/etc/xwiki/xwiki.cfg" and add/activate the “xwiki.home” parameter:

    Example: xwiki.home=

  • After that restart tomacat:

    sudo systemctl restart tomcat9

Now the watchlist E-Mails send by XWiki contains the correct url.

Can be closed as solved.

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Thanks @Dolo for posting the solutions you find. Future users will thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: