Web integrated development environment

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I’m posting here a reference to a project that I discovered recently, so some of you may know it already: the Theia integrated development environment. Theia is similar to desktop environments such as Eclipse or IntelliJ except that it runs also in a web page. It’s available under the Eclipse Public License, it’s built on top of PhosphorJS and the Monaco editor (also used by the Gitlab web IDE), which seems powerful for advanced text handling and completion, over the Language Server Protocol. Collaborative editing is said to be supported. Having such an environment for developing advanced XWiki applications could be handy… What do you think about Theia as a candidate for such an environment? I.e. possible future implementations of the ideas already developed in XWebIDE and XWiki Web IDE. Do you know alternatives? What do you think?


How does it compare to Eclipse Che?


PS: I’ve been wanting to spend some time to develop an Eclipse Che/CodeEnvy “workspace template” for XWiki dev (especially for fast developer onboarding) but didn’t find the time to do it.

Thanks for pointing out Theia, I didn’t know about it. Will read their web page when I get a few minutes, sounds cool.

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As far as I understand, Eclipse Che is a superset of Theia: it can run Theia but also other environments and editors, such as the Jupyter editor: https://www.eclipse.org/che/docs/che-7/introduction-to-eclipse-che/. I gave a try to Che / Theia at https://che.openshift.io.

Ok so you’re thinking about using Eclipse Theia as a library to be embedded in XS to provide a better editor for editing wiki pages?

Some ideas:

Any other idea?