Weblate: test instance?


I’m a (little) contributor to Xwiki french translation and I have received a mail which redirects to https://l10n-new.xwiki.org?

Can I have some explanations?

Hi @xrichard

We still kept the old weblate version (before the upgrade) so we have dedicated URLs for both the old weblate instance and the new one. They are supposed to be used only internally when we switch from one to another, so you shouldn’t have obtained a mail with such URL.
Do you mind forwarding me this email? If you’re ok I’ll give you my email adress in private.

Ok send me your email in PM, I will forward you the notification I received (only one yet).

Done :wink:

Sorry but “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” received when using your personnal email address … I send you mine in PM to establish the contact …

Done (again) with your new email address.