What does "on farm" mean?

Some keys such as extensions.actions.installGlobally have strings “on firm”, and I am wondering what they means.

Do they just mean “globally” as the keys say?

Hi, yes it means globally, i.e. on the main wiki and all subwikis (this is what we call a farm = main wiki + all the subwikis).


This can help: Wiki hosting service - Wikipedia

In XWiki language, we talk about a farm when XWiki is used to host (sub)wikis independent from one another. Like the myxwiki.org farm.

Note: Regarding the string “on farm”, I feel it’s not 100% correct and I think we should brainstorm to replace it with something else since the terminology “farm” is specific to a use case IMO (independent wikis). The Extension Manager uses the “farm” terminology too to indicate that the operation is done on all (sub)wikis. But that’s another topic :wink:

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I understood. Thanks!