When Uploading Confluence XML ZIP file, "Error finding the file path of the attached file"

Hello, I am using the XWiki Cloud service and have been trying to upload a ZIP file containing XML export from Confluence into Step 4 of the Confluence Migrator tool, but in all attempts I have made, an error occurs saying “Error finding the file path of the attached file”, even though I chose the file through the file browser that shows up when I press the “Choose files” button.

The size does not exceed 1GB (748MB in total) and I have not changed the name of the ZIP file from what was generated when exporting from Confluence.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanking you in advance,

Hi @danieljochem ,

If you are using a xwiki istance installed with docker, in the source field you need to specify the path of your zip.
Your zip must be mapped inside the container.

Hi @hermanmaleiane,

I am using an XWiki Cloud demo instance (myinstancename.demo.xwiki.com), so I believe that I do not have the ability to place the ZIP in the filesystem of the instance so that it is mapped to reference such a file path as /home/data.zip.

I tried to add the ZIP file to /xwiki/bin as an attachment, but that also produced an error but it did not mention what the reason it errored, I assume it is the same reason.

Kind regards,

@danieljochem what version of confluence migrator are you using? In the latest version the path is automatically set when the file is uploaded so there is nothing else for you to do.