Where in the Wiki Administration can I find the settings for this column on the right?

I’m still new and I’m lost with this wiki still.
Can someone tell me where I go to edit the kind of content that is displayed up there in this right-side navbar?

It is a XWiki default layout, with Tips, Recent modifications, and “Need help?”

We want to go directly to that part and edit it.




OK So I found some info!!! Now I’m just looking for the elements to edit…



If you click on the panel list tab you should be able to edit.

Note to committers: Idea: hide the left and right panel list so that it’s only displayed for advanced users so that we lead the user to find the panel list by clicking on the panel list tab. WDYT?

@jamslam doc is here btw: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Panels%20Application#HWheretofindthem


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