Where is this apparent documentation error best reported?

The Short URLs section of the Installation via Deb Apps page either has an error or I’m not reading it right:

The instructions say to change Context path="/xwiki" tp Context path="/" in /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat9.xml. After doing so this error occurs:

13-Jul-2021 19:51:27.230 WARNING [main] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.setPath A context path must either be an empty string or start with a ‘/’ and do not end with a ‘/’. The path [/] does not meet these criteria and has been changed to []
13-Jul-2021 19:51:27.231 WARNING [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployDescriptor The path attribute with value [] in deployment descriptor [/etc/tomcat9/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml] has been ignored
13-Jul-2021 19:51:27.237 WARNING [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployDescriptor Deployment of deployment descriptor [/etc/tomcat9/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml] with an external docBase means the directory [/var/lib/tomcat9/webapps/ROOT] in the appBase will be ignored

At which point:

HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error

Type Exception Report

Description The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.


java.lang.NullPointerException com.xpn.xwiki.web.Utils.getContextComponentManager(Utils.java:690) com.xpn.xwiki.web.Utils.getComponent(Utils.java:747) com.xpn.xwiki.web.Utils.getComponent(Utils.java:776) com.xpn.xwiki.web.Utils.getComponent(Utils.java:729) org.xwiki.wysiwyg.filter.ConversionFilter.doFilter(ConversionFilter.java:55) org.xwiki.container.servlet.filters.internal.SetHTTPHeaderFilter.doFilter(SetHTTPHeaderFilter.java:63) org.xwiki.container.servlet.filters.internal.SavedRequestRestorerFilter.doFilter(SavedRequestRestorerFilter.java:208) org.xwiki.container.servlet.filters.internal.SetCharacterEncodingFilter.doFilter(SetCharacterEncodingFilter.java:111) org.xwiki.resource.servlet.RoutingFilter.doFilter(RoutingFilter.java:132)

Note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the server logs.

Apache Tomcat/9.0.31 (Ubuntu)

Instead of reporting doc errors, it’s best to fix the doc directly at Installation using Debian (.DEB) packages (XWiki.org) (it’s a wiki after all! ;)).

Now could you explain what value you’ve used to fix the problem? In your message you only mention that Context path="/" is an issue for Tomcat 9 but you don’t mention the right context value to use for the ROOT context. Empty string? (if I read Apache Tomcat 9 Configuration Reference (9.0.50) - The Context Container correctly it’s the empty string).