Where to report bugs for the ToDo List Applcation

Some users told be about a bug in the TodoList Application using emberjs - if new entries get added they do not get saved.

I have a fix for that and would like to create a JIRA issue to deal with this properly. However the “Issues” button on the extension page links to the “XCOMMON” project (likely because it has inherited it from the base pom). There is no specific project in the JIRA and “XCONTRIB” is retired.

Should I request a new JIRA project just for that issue, or should I reuse “XCONTRIB” anyway? As this seems to be a “low maintenance” project, I am hesitating to go for the first option. Alternatively I can handle this informally by just committing the fix (as it seemed to have happened with the last bug fix, back in 2017).

Hi @ClemensRobbenhaar. I’ve now created Ember.js Todo List Application - XWiki.org JIRA


I think we should make no exception and always have a jira project and use it. Makes it simpler and nicer (for users to report issues, for release notes, for notifications and visiblity, etc).