Which Confluence migration extension should we install?

Hi there,

A few months ago we set up an XWiki Docker instance and tested importing content from Confluence. To do this, we installed three extensions (based on watching this XWiki SAS live demo on YouTube):

  • Filter Streams Converter Application
  • Confluence XML
  • Nested Pages Migrator Application

Now that we’ve set up a demo site, I’m looking to recreate the migration process. I noticed that the Confluence XML extension doesn’t appear in the Recommended list but there is an extension called ‘Confluence Migrator’.

What is the difference between these extensions and is one recommended over the other?

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I don’t think “Confluence XML” ever had the Recommended flag, but it did not disappear, it’s just that searching for “Confluence” used to make it appear because no recommended extension were matched back then. You should see it if you click on “All compatible extensions”.

Confluence Migrator is a recent paying extension by XWiki SAS which is actually based on “Confluence XML” but also takes care of jingling with all the other details to make the full migration as seamless as possible (step-by-step process and helpers, special macros to cover some confluence macros which are not part of XWiki Standard, support, etc.).

Thanks Thomas!

How much is the Confluence Migrator extension?

For you my friend, it’s only 100000 USD :laughing:

More seriously you should ask XWiki SAS, this is not the right place (this is the community forum). See https://store.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Confluence%20Migrator/

My apologies, thank you!