Which LDAP setting has priority? (SOLVED)


when I configure some LDAP settings in the GUI and some more sophisticated LDAP settings in the xwiki.cfg which one overrules the other ?

For example: When I enable LDAP in xwiki.cfg and disable it in the GUI, I cannot log in anymore.
Does this mean that the GUI overrules the xwiki.cfg LDAP settings ?


Yes what is stored in the wiki has priority over xwiki.cfg. Also what is in the wiki only apply to that specific wiki while xwiki.cfg apply to all wikis.

OK, that makes things clearer.
Best practice would be to configure generic settings in xwiki.cfg and wiki specific settings in the LDAP GUI right ?

When some wikis have different LDAP setting yes. When you have only one wiki or when all users are supposed to authenticate on main wiki it’s whatever you prefer.