Which type of encoding is crucial for xwiki? UTF8 or UTF8mb4?

Which encoding is preffered for xwiki DB?
Will xml export from UTF8mb4 xwiki and xml import to UTF8 xwiki cause any problem?
I am referring to some potencial wrong introduction of data provided in export to the system. Won’t it be problem because the export does its work in UTF8 only right, will be?

As indicated on http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/InstallationMySQL it’s recommended to use utf8mb4. If you try to save characters not supported by utf8mb3 in a MySQL database configured as utf8mb3 (also known as “utf8” in MySQL) the save will fail as far as I remember.

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So something would “only” don’t save right? Something like emojis and so on right? Would it have some connection to duplication of links to one page if the page has "; " sign in title?


I don’t see how since it’s not related to the encoding, “;” being an ASCII character. Feels more like a proxy/URL issue to me.

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