Why does the Source button disappear?

So sometimes I have the Source button and sometimes its gone.

This morning I created an article and was able to see “Source <>” in the style bar during the editing.

Now I go back and edit… and its gone!

Is this permissions issue?


You’re probably using the in place wysiwyg editor in a not so recent version of xwiki. The source button was added to that editor recently. You should try upgrading to the latest 12.x version.

The reason you were seeing it before is probably because you were using the standard wysiwyg editor and not the in place one.

See https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/UserGuide/Features/PageEditing


Hi there! I’m using 12.4 tho.
Do you think something got customized manually and broke it? Or is it possible there is a bug?

Hi I’ve already replied actually :slight_smile: just follow what I mentioned!

Hi so just to come back to this.

I am using 12.4.

When I create an article, I have the Source button available.
When I save and then edit, its gone.

You really don’t want to fix your problem ? :slight_smile: if so just follow what I mentioned and update to the latest 12.x version…

Ohh I see. OK ok its registering… I just didn’t get it. :rofl: