Wiki 3.0 Development Environment

Hello all,

As the development of Wiki 3.0 is approaching, we are going to need a few services to support us.
Among those (but not exhaustively):

  • issue tracker
  • CI
  • translation platform
  • code versioning service
  • code review
  • a documentation wiki (of course)
  • a forum (here)

The good thing is, being an xwiki contrib project would give us all those infrastructures (Jira, Github xwiki-contrib organization, Jenkins, weblate, etc).

The main advantage I see with this is that we would not have to spend time setting up services during the incubation of the project. And, we’d be instead able to focus on producing a nice piece of software.
In addition, as Wiki 3.0 would be tightly integration with XWiki. The later could benefit back from the work done for Wiki 3.0 (e.g., on the topic of modern front-end technologies).

Note that, being a new project could allow us to try out some new things. For instance, with Jira on premise support stopping in 6 month, we could take the opportunity to try out an alternative. But, I think it is better to think of an alternative to Jira where all of XWiki Standard and contrib extension could go before trying anything.

So this question is two fold:

  • as member of the XWiki community, what do you think of having Wiki 3.0 as a contrib project?
  • as a (future) member of the Wiki 3.0 community, what do you think of being an XWiki contrib project?


I’m +1 to win time and use the existing infrastructure.
+1 that the XWiki infrastructure is being used for the project from the standpoint of the XWiki community

Some aspect that could be interesting:

1/ once we have multiple repositories for the project, it could be interesting to “upgrade” the project in it’s own GitHub organization for making it more easier to understand than multiple repositories inside the much bigger xwiki-contrib organization…
2/ we could right away start with it’s own subwiki on, and maybe move it (if we cannot configure it) to be able to use the new interface we are developping. It would be nice that the wiki of the project be quickly the one we are developping