Wiki 3.0 Implementation choices - Typescript

Hello all,

As we are starting to prototype for Wiki 3.0, we have to face important choices for the implementation.

One of the most important among all is the choice of Typescript as primary language, in order to build the software up from solid grounds.

Typescript is a superset of Javascript, bringing structural type annotations to the language. It allows to write type-safe code by design, preventing most type-related mistakes directly from the build phase. It also overall enhance Developer Experience when using a fully fledged editor (like VS Code or IntelliJ IDEA), through educated autocompletion.

In the team, we are strongly positive about using typescript, and would like to hear if there is any feedback or remarks about this choice.


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I’m strongly +1 for using typescript. The work on the prototype is showing that we can have great development tools based on typescript and much stronger verification of the code before and during the build.


+1 for typescript. Thanks

Thanks a lot for your answers. Typescript is now the default language for Cristal.