Wiki 3.0 Project Name - Final Vote

Hello all,

Following the Wiki 3.0 Name Brainstorming, I have made a small curation (i.e., I removed a few options that are too close to existing popular software) and opened a poll with 30 of the proposed names.

This is a Condorcet Method vote. You simply have assign a rank to the names you have an opinion for (the most positive one being 1st and the most negative one being 30th). You can skip any name you don’t have an opinion on.

The vote is starting now and will be opened until Thursday 5 23:59pm Paris time.

Please following this link to vote: CIVS Vote: Wiki 3.0 Final Name Vote



The vote is now closed since yesterday 23:59pm.

Thanks a lot for your participation.

The winner is Cristal.