Wiki and admin right gone after removing alias

Hi All,

I have a mono-wiki setup and when I edited the wiki and deleted the alias, the wiki seems to be gone.
Files are still there (I can access to any “public page”) but I don’t have an admin account anymore (login is ok, but the account has no right and no admin context menu).

Here my wiki list :

Any idea how we can get it back?


What exactly did you do? Can you list the exact steps you did?

Thank you for your concern.
My actions were:

  • View the wiki configuration page (/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiServerXwiki), with will have a bad default alias name
  • Edit the wiki configuration page (/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiServerXwiki), and see that I can’t change the default alias name
  • Then I add a new proper alias (my domain name)
  • And save the page

At this point everything was ok, however the default alias was still wrong, so I edit the wiki object in order to set the default alias with the proper alias (my domain name).

At this point everything was ok and the default alias was ok too. Because everything was ok, the previous added new alias was not needed anymore, so I delete it.
And the strange thing appears, like if the deleted alias action removes the wiki itself.


The wiki is described / configured by an object of type XWiki.XWikiServerClass as you already saw when you edited the XWiki.XWikiServerXwiki page with the object editor. When you add an alias it actually adds a new object of type XWiki.XWikiServerXwiki that ‘overwrites’ only some of the properties (e.g. the domain). So the XWiki.XWikiServerXwiki page can have multiple XWiki.XWikiServerClass objects, where the first one holds most of the configuration (including the default alias), and the other objects hold the overrides for the other aliases.

Aliases are deleted by domain. When you delete an alias it actually removes the first XWiki.XWikiServerClass object it finds with the specified domain. This means that if you delete the default alias (or if you try to delete another alias that has the same domain as the default alias) then you loose most of the wiki descriptor configuration (stored on the first object), including most importantly the wiki owner which grants special rights.

You should try to enable the superadmin account from xwiki.cfg, login with superadmin, check the history of the XWiki.XWikiServerXwiki page and revert it to the version before the deletion of the default alias. Then, from the object editor, modify the first XWiki.XWikiServerClass object as you wish and delete the second one (the second alias).

It’s working :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !