Wiki Directory doesnt show subwikis

Hey Guys,

I want to create an Xwiki Farm with multiple Subwikis. Users should be able to Switch between specific Subwikis (based on their Rights).

If a user without global Admin Rights views the “Wiki Directory” in the Menu on the right, it says “Updating entries failed for an unknown reason” and the List is empty. But if the User accesses the URL of an Subwiki, it opens correctly.

I Use nginx as an Reverse Proxy and for HTTPS.


Hello @kwmkjf,

You issue looks similar to Loading... (fixed on version 13.10.6 and 14.4RC1). Which version of XWiki are you running?

Also, you can have access to more details either by looking at the server’s logs, or using the browser’s debug tools. If you can share the stacktrace, we’ll be able to validate that you are hitting the same issue.


Hey Manuel,

thanks for the information. I updated my xwiki Installation to 14.4.1 and now its working.

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