Wiki index empty

Hi all,
after upgrading to XWiki 13.6 the wiki index (accessible under “burger menu → Wiki index”) doesn’t show any wikis anymore.

The “wikis (list all wikis)” macro works as expected and shows all wikis the logged in user has access to.

Maybe someone can give me a clue on how to fix that somehow annoying problem?

With kind regards

Most probably a display bug since the table implementation was completely changed in 13.4.

Did you try to clean your browser cache or force reload the page just in case ?

Could be interesting to check if you have some error in the browser console (in your browser dev tools).

I’ve tested it again - everything seems to be fine while being logged in using the local admin account - all available wikis are displayed correctly.

With not being logged in everything’s fine OK and a list of public available wikis is displayed.

But after logging in with a regular user account (synced from AD via LDAP) the list is empty and there’s an error in the browser console.

Hello @Ben,

Some information that might help us identify the cause of the error:

  • the full request and its parameters (right click → copy link address, in the red line starting with GET in the console)
  • the server side logs at the time the problem occurs


It looks like the REST request used to fetch the live data fails on the server (500) for a regular user. Can you check the response body to see if it has more information? Did you check the server logs, is there any more information there? I’m afraid I know the answer: nothing in the logs and the request body just complains that the exception mapper is missing ( ). We need to fix this “No ExceptionMapper was found, but must be found”…

BTW, the wiki index works fine for me on 13.7-SNAPSHOT with a regular user.

Here’s the full request:

In the logs of the docker container running XWiki (Docker Hub) there’s nothing to see at the time of the request.

As you expected the request body is “No ExceptionMapper was found, but must be found”.

Thanks, I have tested this request on different xwiki installations with different users without reproducing the 500 error.
Out of curiosity, do you experience the same problem with other Live Data macros in you wiki?

I’ll also have a look at to help debug this kind of issues in the future.

Are there any other standard usages of the Live Data macro that I can use for testing?

We can for instance check the Panels, they should be located at in your case.

The Panels page is working without any issues.

I have the same issue with every live table on my freshly updated 13.6 (from 13.1). I get the “No ExceptionMapper was found, but must be found” on Panels, Logging, Menus, … everywhere.
But as “expected” nothing in the logs. If i can test anything, please let me know.

Without this live tables it’s hard to administer…

Since 13.8, you should able to have more details in you browser console in case of error.
If by any chance some of you upgraded to 13.8 and still have the same issue, this would be very helpful to have access to you browser console messages.