Wiki mode rendering issue

I was following the guide on

After I’ve entered the code (section “Testing the actual extension”) and Save/View, I do not see the code back in the editor using Opera 48 (Chrome engine). It seems to be ok in Edge though.

Is this a known issue? images attached. The code itself does work. I do see the code “flash” momentarily but eventually disappears.


This probably means that opera is not supported by the XWiki Syntax Highlighting application.

Note that we don’t support opera:

What you could do:

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did some more tests: Things work fine on the exact same version of Opera on my Linux distro as opposed to Windows.

On Windows Opera, the editor renders fine for the CSS example by the way, just not the javascript one. Very strange. I’ll see if there’s any upstream issues on the tracker you provided.

It could be an opera bug too…