Wiki Navigation Broken After Changing Super Admin

I’ve accidentally just caused a problem in our XWiki. I went into the Wikis > Creation Right panel of XWiki’s options and saw the Super Admin field (I believe that’s what it’s called). This was set to our site’s former technical developer, who has long since left the site. Seeing this, I thought it would be wise to set myself as the super admin (I am Editor in Chief), in case we ran into any future issues where we needed these permissions.

However, as soon as I did this, much of our Wiki’s navigation broke. There are now red boxes with errors on the left sidebar navigation, no options on the right menu, and I can’t access half of the settings menus (screenshot below). I had no idea that changing this option would break so much, or I obviously would have never done it.

Looking around online led me to find this article describing a similar problem. It says “To get this working simply edit XWiki.RegistrationConfig and AnnotationCode.AnnotationConfig so they are saved with your user name.” However, I don’t know how to access these files/pages.

If anyone would be able to point me in the right direction here, I would be extremely grateful. I was not the one who set up XWiki for us, and I am not too knowledgeable in web management. I cannot find any reliable documentation about this problem elsewhere, so I’m posting here in hopes someone has an idea. Thank you!


Are you sure you’re talking about the “Creation Right” section and not the “Descriptor” section. It looks like you changed the wiki Owner. If you want to remain the owner of the wiki then I think you need to make sure the old user is disabled (so that they can’t login any more) and then give them Programming Rights in order to fix the broken pages. The alternative is to track down all the pages that were last saved by the old user and change their author (re-save them) but this is tedious.

Hope this helps,

Hi, thank you so much for your response. Since I posted the above, one of the other people on my team took a look and was thankfully able to fix the issue. This is what he said:

This happened because the user who created the page lost scripting rights. So I recreated a fake user called alex and gave them all rights. It’s registered to my email but you should be able to change it now if you want. They’re not set as super admin, just given individual rights.

Checking the menu again now that my access has been restored, the field I changed was indeed under Wikis > Descriptor > Owner.

With his fix, I think we are all set for now; I really appreciate your time and help here!

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