Word document crash

I am trying to copy paste a word document text into XWiki, but it just omits all the structure and design that I applied in the word document. I tried to upload document through a plug in as well, but still no luck, it crashed the design and structure of the word document when I uploaded it. Is there any other plug in or do you think it could be due to word document version?

Hi. This is done voluntarily. The goal is to keep only the content to avoid having different styles everywhere in the wiki (which is supposed to focus on content), so we filter the styles. I don’t remember if we have a way to configure this but I don’t think so.

Structure and design set by semantic word formats are inserted the right way.

If you use the semantic formats like heading 1…5, lists, numbered lists, or bold, italic etc. this will be translated in the corresponding wiki syntax. Even images are uploaded and inserted. This is all done by copy&paste.

But what isn’t translated is pure styling like coloured text, or text in bigger or smaller fonts, the fonts itself, “headings” only styled like headings but are no semantic headings, the alignments of text or images or things like “red arrows” word-placed on images.

This is, as vmassol said, due to constant style throughout the wiki and due to accessibility. Most semantics can be read by screen readers but not pure style.

btw: the same happens when copy&pasting web content.