Working setup for Notifications / Alerts Menuitem

Hello Community,

I have the feeling that the documentation for setting up the notification extension is not complete.

You are supposed to install the Alerts extension.
This requires the creation of a UIExtension object.
But nowhere is it described which configuration to use to get the “Alerts” button in the menu.

Can someone help me here?

I can find this snippet, but there seems to be some information missing…

{{velocity}}{{html clean=“false”}} ## we need clean=“false” because we want to display the raw content
#submenuitem($url, $linkText, $id, $class, $icon, $extraAttributes)




which documentation are you referring to exactly?
In theory you shouldn’t have to create any xobject, edit any code or even install any specific extensions for getting alert notifications from a standard installation of XWiki.

I can’t find a solution to create the content for the alert panel.
There is a point here: “Adding content inside the menu” but there is only a snippet in it and no information on how to define the content.

What do I have to add here so that the Alert Panel displays the default content that is intended for the notification extension?

{{velocity}}{{html clean="false"}}

  ## what needs to go here!?!?!

So as I already explained you don’t need to do anything for the alert panel to display the default content intended for the notifications extensions if you have a standard install of XWiki: everything is already set up to display them, there’s nothing to customize if you only want to receive notifications in this area.

This documentation here: is only if you want to put custom stuff inside this area, so the doc says nothing because it all depends what the user do want to put and we cannot guess :slight_smile:

So what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Yes, I have understood that and I have deleted the new object UIExtensionClass again.

But how and where can I activate in the settings that I can either see the notifications or also activate the observation on the pages?

How do I get these options displayed here?

You shouldn’t have anything to do: they should be available right away after you logged in on the wiki. What do you have in your case? No bell icon at all? Or an empty menu?

Correct! No bell symbol at all. :frowning:

Are you sure that notifications are enabled in your wiki? See the documentation how to enable/disable notifications.

You should probably check your installation of the notifications application: there might have been customization that are messing it up. You can go in the Administration > Extension, search for Notification Application in the installed extensions and then click on “compute changes” in the submenu next to “uninstall”, as in: