WYSIWYG source button

TLDR; How can I get the “source” button to show up by default in the WYSIWYG editor toolbar?

I am new to xwiki – really like what I see so far.

I am confused about the CKEditor source button. In my fresh install (ubuntu stable ppa, got 12.4), There is no source button on the toolbar to switch to wiki syntax source editting mode. I found this page that describes the source button as if its a standard feature but does not say how to turn it on/off.

I found this topic from a year ago saying that it was not supported (yet) but describing a work-a-round by making the user ‘advance’.

After doing that, I find that if I start editing a page in source mode and then switch to WYSIWYG mode, the source button shows up in the WYSIWYG toolbar and I can then easily switch between them.

Can I just enable the ‘source’ button in the first place? I can not find that option in the editor section.


Hi there, indeed we lost this button when we introduced the new in-place editor. See https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-17379

To work around this, you need to make you user advanced (see https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/UserGuide/Features/PageEditing#HAdvancedMode) and then you’ll be able to select which WYSIWYG editor to use by clicking on the arrow on the Edit button. Right now only the standard (non in-place) WYSIWYG editor has the source button.


But i also really miss this button …

Your response is confusing to me because, as I explained, there is a “source” button in the WYSIWYG editor but it only appears if I get to it by first opening the source text editor (via the drop down in the edit button) and then switching to the WYSIWYG editor (again via the drop down of the edit button).

Are you saying that there are two different WYSIWYG editors and the CKEditor does not have the source button but by switching to the WYSIWYG editor from the source editor, I am getting the older one?

I dont notice any difference except the presence of the “source” button.

Yes there are 2 WYSIWYG editors now

  • one that is in place. That’s the new one since 12.3. And the one you get by default if you just click on edit
  • another one that opens a new page. This is the previous one that we’re still keeping FTM. You get this one by being an advanced user and clicking the drop down arrow on the edit button And selecting WYSIWYG editor.