XIP 13.9 for offline installation

I installed Xwiki 13.9 on a server without internet connection. I followed instructions for XIP package (What to do with an empty XWiki? (XWiki.org)) and unzipped XIP 13.9 into /extension/repository (I had to create these folders).
But after I restarted Xwiki Flavor could not still be found. And in logs I could see that xwiki is trying to connect to nexus.xwiki.org or extensions.xwiki.org.
In one thread there was mentioned that versions of XIP must be the same as war. In my case I built my own war (based on 13.9 because of custom authenticator) and downloaded XIP 13.9 - I hope it is OK.

In my case I built my own war (based on 13.9 because of custom authenticator) and downloaded XIP 13.9 - I hope it is OK.

Should not matter as long as your WAR contains xwiki-platform-legacy-oldcore 13.9 JAR.

Did you try to refresh ? Some people reported the problem that the UI sometimes seems to not refresh the list with found flavors (the listing is asynchronous).

Are you sure your permanent directory is /var/lib/xwiki/data/ ?

It seems that there was a problem with refresh.
After a few hours I just reconnected to the server (via VPN) and flavor was just waiting there for me.

I have the same problem again. This time I wanted to upgrade Xwiki from 13.9 to 13.10.
I downloaded XIP and copied the content into permanent dir / extension / repository as the last time.
In Distribution wizard on the page Flavor there was again blank list. I tried to perform page refresh, type sth, go to next page and back, 30 mins waiting, restarting but nothing helped. So how can I force refresh?

By “refresh” I meant just refresh the page in your browser, so clicking F5 or ctrl+r generally.

So it did not help. Last time I just reconnected after +/- 5 hours and suddenly it just appeared.

OK, so if it’s not a UI bug, all I can think of is a network issue when you tried to access the extensions. It’s not a very long process, so waiting a long time should not really have any impact.

So now it appeared again.

My scenario was following:
After the restart the last log message in catalina.log was WARN from 10:13 - Failed to get remote extension from repository (Connection timed out)
Then there appeared the same warning at 10:38.
After that I just opened a new blank tab (so that I would not influence Xwiki DW by clicking, mouse moving etc.) and after 40 mins I checked the page again - and suddenly it was just there (I did not need to do refresh)…

We too have the xWiki Server behind a firewall and only the xWiki Repo’s are allowed. I experience the exact same behavior. I simply try again and wait and try again … all of a sudden, the flavor is displayed … didn’t bother to trace the source as this is potentially a special setup where Internet in general is unavailable …