XS 13.3 Roadmap

Hi devs,

Roadmap propose for 13.3.


Leftovers from 13.2:

  • Document reference size limit workarounds - Thomas
    • manage discussions and proposals around more advanced ideas to go beyond the 768 characters limit
  • Continue LD work - Marius + Manuel + Clement
    • XWIKI-18266: Improve the L&F of the live data macro (Clement & Marius to review and close existing PR)
    • XWIKI-17428: Use translation keys in the live data UI. Clement to work on it but it requires XWIKI-18491 (Add a localization REST resource to expose translation messages) which could be done by Manuel or Marius.
    • XWIKI-18098: Push the changes to the server after leaving in-line (cell) editing (Manuel & Marius to review and close existing PR)
    • XWIKI-18097: In-line editing should work with the raw property value not the display value (Manuel & Marius to review and close existing PR)
    • XWIKI-18270: Live Data macro styles don’t use the color theme (Clement to work on generating the LESS file inside the LD WebJar and Manuel to work on adding support for evaluating the LESS file from a WebJar, XWIKI-18492)
  • Add the possibility to add global notifications filters from Administration - http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-17945 - Simon

New work:

  • Security issues (to be backported in 12.10.x too) (Simon + GuillaumeC)
  • Test and classify security issues + fix some easy security issues - Guillaume
  • XDOM diff - Marius + Vincent
    • Backend code - Marius
    • LaTeX Renderer modifications to display the diff XDOM nicely - Vincent
    • HTML Renderer modifications to display the diff XDOM nicely - Marius
  • FASTEN research project: Thomas
    • add macros/components metadata to the extension index and introduce extension points to fill it (extension point to be used in a future FASTEN extension when this kind of information will be available on FASTEN Central)
    • work on design to implement various ways to find components in extensions without going through FASTEN Central
    • add more analyzers in the FASTEN Maven plugin and hopefully start using it in the XWiki build (but currently blocked by a released of the fasten-core which is still only SNAPSHOT)
    • start working on a FASTEN extension to analyze installed dependencies and report FASTEN risks


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.3RC1: 19th of April 2021
  • 13.3Final: 26th of April 2021

Let me know if you have comments/feedback.


I’ve now updated Roadmap (XWiki.org)

@committers: Please review and create the jiras and list them in the roadmap. I’m doing it for the XDOM diff stuff that I have now.

@mflorea I probably jumped the gun on this since it requires a design page/proposal. FTM I’ve created 3 jira issues as shown on Roadmap (XWiki.org) but depending on the proposal, we can move them around. Thx