Xwiki 10.x Sub wiki without application

Hi everyone, I have some questions about making a sub wiki. I’m having a problem because I haven’t permissions for making a database, and I checked I can’t do sub wiki when the database already exists. So here is my question. Can I somehow make a sub wiki without that application, or maybe can I somehow due that sub wiki will use the database which already exists.

Sorry for my English ;p
Hope you’ll help me!

This use case seems to be supported in the code and used to be allowed in the UI but looks like indeed the current standard UI does not allow it.

It all depends what kind of wiki you want, creating a new wiki from a flavor should be easy to workaround but for a wiki created from a template it will require some scripting (it’s also possible that you actually find writing that script simpler depending on your profile :slight_smile: ).

New wiki from a flavor:

  • have the database “mydatabasename” alreadycreated
  • create a XWiki.XWikiServerMydatabasename final page and add in it a object of type XWiki.XWikiServer and indicate the require information (alias, owner, etc).
  • the wiki now exist from XWiki point of view but it empty
  • when you go to the wiki you will get a Distribution Wizard just like the one you get for the main wiki when you install

New wiki from a wiki template: you have some documentation on https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Wiki%20Application#HScriptServices and in the API you have something called failOnExist which is always true when using the UI.