XWiki 11.10.2 (Applications links set to localhost instead of xwiki url)


I have upgraded our xwiki to version 11.10.2 this morning. Everything seems to find except the applications links are broken (ie. it is set to localhost host instead of wiki url). Screenshot attached

Can someone kindly help? Thanks in Advance.


What do you see in the HTML of those links ? What’s very weird is that the icons are supposed to be just classes to indicate which Font Awesome Icons to use so they should not have anything special in that panel. You sure you have the issue only in that panel ?

Hi tmortagne,

Thanks for your responses. I have attached the html of the broken links. You will notice that the url is set to “localhost” instead of xwiki url. If I browse the url replacing “localhost” with “xwiki url” it takes me to correct location.

xwiki_broken_links.txt (2.3 KB)

First question: which version have you upgraded from ?

The real issue is not so much the wrong host (you probably have the wrong host in your main wiki descriptor, take a look at https://myhost/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiServerXwiki page) but the fact that you have absolute URLs instead of the expected relative ones (as in /bin/view/Dashboard/).

Might be related to some short URL setup you have since I see your URLs don’t contain the webapp path (/xwiki/ by default). Could you indicate all the URL related configuration you have made.

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Hi tmortagne,

You made my day!! After changing Alias on xwiki descriptor from “localhost” to “xwiki url” and rebooting the server solved the issue.

Thanks you so much!! Have a great day.


Still, would be nice to know more about why you get absolute URLs since fixing the alias in the main wiki descriptor is just one part of the story.