Xwiki 11.10, Macros and Inline Editing

Hi everyone,

I just upgraded from 10.11.x LTS to 11.10.3 LTS. One new feature in 11.10 is inline macro content editing in Wysiwyg mode, as far as I know.

This however does not seem to work in the {{code}} macro, for example, which basically only consists of (specially formatted) text content. Editing it in the tiny popup window always is quite awkward.

How can I enable this inline editing / what do I have to configure to be able to use it?

Thanks and regards,


The inline editing is enabled by default, so you don’t have anything to do. Sadly it has not been done yet for the code macro, we mostly worked on the infrastructure to allow it on new macros, but we only implemented it on few older ones.
AFAIR it’s enabled on all box macros (including the error/warning/info).

About code macro it could a be indeed a good improvment.

If course, otherwise I would not ask about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shall I add a feature request to Jira?

For sure!