XWiki 11.x Roadmap?

Hi there, is there already an Roadmap for XWiki 11 ?
In the forum i found this thread for this year. Is something like that planned for next year?

This Thread from 2017 had loads of input, but I haven’t read thourgh all that yet.

The Roadmap is published on the website, see https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/

What do you mean by XWiki 11? XWiki 11.x or XWiki 10.11?
We publish the roadmap for the current cycle / major release. The XWiki 11.x will start in January.

Yes Sorry, i meant XWiki 11.x. Do you have plans for the next major version yet? Will you gather user feedback here in the forums?

What would you like to see in XWiki 11.x? Please share ideas here. I’m mostly interested in what you think we should improve from an usability perspective, but don’t limit yourself there :slight_smile:

Having a separate forum discussion about the roadmap is an alternative, but I think this thread you started looks just right (and has a very straightforward title in order for other users to participate).

Starting a new thread.

Could you please delete this thread? Thanks :slight_smile:

See https://forum.xwiki.org/t/brainstorming-xwiki-11-x-cycle-roadmap/3979

Fire away there! :slight_smile:

No need to delete IMO. This thread was about asking if there was a thread not to discuss it.