Xwiki 12.10.2: Strange Result When Pasting Image from Windows 10 "Fotos" App

We just observed a strange effect when trying to paste multiple different images from the Windows Fotos app into the WYSIWYG editor:

At first, everything looks ok in WYSIWYG view, but after saving, everywhere an image was inserted, the same, single image is shown multiple times.

The attachments list only contains a single attachment called grafik.png which contains the image shown at all locations.

This has to be related to the Fotos app - possibly it somehow forces the attachment name to grafik.png, I guess, and thus somehow forcing the previously pasted image to be overwritten - but it’s still the question if this behaviour is “correct” or if Xwiki could provide a workaround here.

Pasting from other sources, e.g. copying the image from the Explorer file list view directly, works and adds an attachment with a generated unique name.

Example - five different images had been pasted here:


See https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/CKEDITOR-337 .

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Thanks, I added myself to the watchlist there.

Fixed by Loading... on XWiki 15.5RC1 and 14.10.12