XWiki 12.10 Roadmap

Hi devs,

Note: This roadmap is voluntarily light to allow enough time for the developers to focus on stabilizing XS for the 12.x branch.

Leftovers from previous version (12.9):

  • Finish local Extension Index (needed for FASTEN) - Thomas
    • 2 days of work remaining only.
  • Finish inplace editor leftover - Marius
    • Show what page is being translated in inline edit mode (XWIKI-17284)
    • Notifications Macro content isn’t rendering when editing in-place (XWIKI-17323)
    • The view UI is not modified after saving when using the in-place editing (XWIKI-17593)
  • Continue LiveData work - Marius + ClementD
    • Use the LD to replace the max # of LT use cases and ensure we’re ISO with LD as a LT-replacement.
  • NGI #2 (https://cryptpad.fr/code/#/2/code/view/AKqbnUY4AkBaa0Np3KVcVLm474kANhe1rT944cflK24/) - Manuel + Simon
    • Modularize the mentions data consumers (Manuel - XWIKI-17895)
    • make the user picker extensible (Manuel - XWIKI-17913)
    • Quick Actions (Manuel - ?)
    • Handle mentions coming from the fediverse (Manuel - XAP-67)
    • Sending mentions to the fediverse (Manuel - XAP-68) (depends on XWIKI-17895 and XWIKI-17913)
    • Sending/Receiving likes (Simon - ?)

New work:

Pushed back to later

  • Merge the Struts 2.x migration in XS 13.0 (get rid of Struts) - Thomas


  • 12.10RC1: 16 Nov 2020
  • 12.10Final: 23 Nov 2020



@surli could you confirm that you could work on http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-17468 during 12.10? Thanks

Yes I confirm I will work on it.

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@committers: I’ve now updated https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/

Please edit it with the full list of jiras you’re taking for 12.10.