XWiki 12.2 Roadmap

Hi devs,

Proposal for the 12.2 roadmap.

  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Notification re-architecture for scalability/performance. New nosql storage oriented API and (most probably Solr based) default implementation for events and user notifications - Thomas
  • Activity Pub - Part 2 of 3 (targeting for 3 releases = 3 months) - Simon + Manuel
  • Continue work for inline editing/Realtime - Marius
  • Now that we have a first design page (will be available in the coming days), discuss and agree about the work to do. Create various JIRAs for it.
  • If there‚Äôs agreement and if time permit, start implementing some of the JIRAs. Possible options FTM:
    • inline editing for WYSIWYG edit mode
    • inline editing for Inline form edit mode
  • FASTEN-related work: the XWiki Extension dependencies resolution needs be as close as possible to the standard Maven dependencies resolution and an important miss right now is the support. Add support for it. - Thomas


  • 12.2RC1: 23rd of March 2020 (adding one more week because we can but we need to be careful to not delay the release)
  • 12.2Final: 30th of March 2020

Please let me know if there are any concern and please update the roadmap with specific jira issues.

Roadmap page updated: https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/#HXWiki12.2