XWiki 12.5 roadmap

Hi devs,

Here’s the proposal (late, I’m sorry).


  • “Toggle show/hide all context nodes” for visual diff - Marius
  • Continue Mentions - Manuel/Simon
    • Integration of the rich editor on the comments and annotations (Loading...)
    • Integration of the auto-completion on ‘@’ on the rich editor (Loading...)
    • Notification linking to anchor (Loading...)
    • Mention summary on the notification (Loading...)
    • Mention macro settings (Loading...)
  • Finish notifications refactoring for improved performance (usage of nosql-based store) and verify that the perfs are very good - Thomas
  • Start implementing the new LT - Clement/Marius
    • static implementation of the new Livetable:
      • fetching data from data sources
      • multi-filtering
      • multi-sorting
      • pagination system
      • persistent configuration through url hash
  • Start design for Page Likes and record the results on design.xwiki.org - Simon
  • Finish work on atomic rename operation (Loading...) - Simon
  • Improve scalability of Async rendering framework: - Thomas/Simon
    • pool size of GroupedJob
    • exposing group id and pool size on async renderer side
    • option to force async behavior for cached results
    • allow choosing the priority of a job


  • 12.5RC1: 22nd of June 2020
  • 12.5: 29th of June 2020


@Devs: I’ve now uploaded it on https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/. Please convert and replace the items into JIRA issues. Thx