XWiki 12.6 Roadmap

Hi devs,


Branch for recommended version. We need to finish:



  • Finalize mentions (priority 1 over Page likes) - Manuel and/or Simon
  • Major testing of notifications scalability with new event store + enable it by default and handle migrations - Thomas
  • Improve in-place editing - Marius
    • Handle macros that don’t output anything( such as the id macro)
    • Loading... (improve in general how page translation are handled)
    • implement full screen mode
    • enable office importer
  • New usable LT v1.0 released and included in XS - Clement/Marius
  • Page Likes - Simon and/or Manuel
  • Local Extension Index (needed for FASTEN) - Thomas

Best effort (after all the rest has been done):


  • 12.6RC1: 20th of July 2020
  • 12.6Final: 27th of July 2020

Sorry for being 3 days late…


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Now added to https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/